Fairy Tales

What is an ogre?


In real life, there's no such thing as ogres, but in stories, ogres are usually giant, strange-looking, monster-like characters!

When you think of ogres, do you picture creatures that are scary, clumsy, grumpy, or maybe even a little funny? In many stories, ogres are strong monsters with interesting or odd features like big heads, large teeth, and round tummies, or lots of hair. These characters can live in a variety of places, from forests to swamps to caves. In some tales, ogres may even eat people!

But while there are stories about ogres that aren't very kind or intelligent, other stories feature ogres that are shy, funny, and even lovable! Sometimes ogres in stories can remind us that how we treat others is even more important than how we look on the outside.

by Brian Griffin (Whyzz writer)