Why is there thunder and lightning?


Thunder and lightning... what's the reason for all that light and noise? Is there a giant living in the sky who has gone bowling? Or does the giant have a really bad stomach ache? Maybe it's not a giant up there, but a whole herd of ponies, running around and having fun!The truth behind thunder and lightning are some special things happening inside a certain type of cloud (cumulonimbus). Within the cloud are tiny, frozen units of water shuffling around and colliding with each other. All of this activity creates a type of natural energy and electricity that is released from the cloud as a big bolt of lightning! Thunder, believe it or not, is the sound created by lightning! When the hot lightning strikes through the sky, nearby air has to move away quickly to make space for the lightning -- this is what you hear as a big crash of thunder!


Even though thunderstorms might seem a little scary and you should do things to be careful and safe, storms are also be a good time to snuggle up indoors and read your favorite book, draw pictures, or play board games with your family!What are your favorite activities for a stormy day?

Further Information

Thunder is just a sound, and it even though it can be very loud and sometimes sort of scary, it cannot hurt you. However, it's important to remember that when there is thunder there is also lightning, and you should always be careful when there's lightning because lightning can be dangerous if it hits the ground. Always follow the safety rules and guidelines of the grown-ups in your family or who you are with during a storm!