Stinky, Yucky, Icky

Why is snot green?


Have you ever blown your nose and found that your snot was a really bright, gross, green-yellow color? Most of the time snot is just clear, but sometimes it will be green or yellow, particularly if you've been sick. (YUCK!)

The green or yellow color of snot is usually caused by certain helpers that your body uses to fight off viruses or bacteria.

The name for these infection-fighting helpers is "neutrophils," and it's the iron in a special enzyme used by the neutrophils to fight off your germs that is usually the source of your snot's weird, gross color!

The color of your snot does not necessarily indicate how sick you are really green snot doesn't necessarily mean you're really sick, and clear snot doesn't necessarily mean you aren't sick. If your snot is a color that worries you or if you're just not feeling well, the best thing to do is ask your doctor about it. And remember: It might SNOT be pretty, but your green or yellow snot is probably just a sign that your body is helping you get better quickly!


Gettin' Gross!
What are some other things that seem gross which your body does to keep you healthy? One good example is ear wax, which is weird and sticky and yellow, but helpful for keeping your ears nice and clean!Can you think of any other good examples??