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Why don’t men have babies?


You've probably seen a pregnant lady at least once, but have you ever seen a pregnant man? No?That's because men don't give birth!

Thing is, babies grow in a woman's uterus. Sometimes it can look like a baby is in a woman's stomach, but the uterus is a completely different organ inside the woman's body. It's part of her reproductive system, the group of organs that make it possible for humans to have babies, or "reproduce."

In fact, most of a woman's reproductive system is inside her body. Men don't have a space like that to grow babies inside themselves. Half of a baby's genes come from his or her mother. The other half comes from his or her father. But only the mother has a place in her belly for the baby to grow until it's time to be born.


It takes nine months for a baby to grow in a woman's uterus before it's usually ready to be born. And it still has a lot of growing to do after that!Try to imagine what you looked like as a baby. Can you draw a picture of baby you? Now imagine what you'll be like as a grownup. Draw a picture of how you imagine yourself as an adult! How tall will you be? What kind of job will you have? Where might you live? You can do anything!


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