Why does Rudolph have a red nose?

Most kids already know the tale of Rudolph, Santa's special reindeer whose bright, glowing red nose lights the way for Santa and his sled full of presents on a particularly foggy Christmas Eve. But why is Rudolph's nose so red in the first place??

No one knows for sure why or how Rudolph's nose glows so brightly red, but there are some good possibilities! Many people think Rudolph's red nose is Christmas Magic at its best! Without the light from Rudolph's glowing nose, Santa's sleigh would have to navigate through the dark on Christmas Eve!

Other people think that Rudolph's red nose might have started out as a cold (achoo!) or that maybe it illuminates thanks to "lucibufagens," which is the same stuff that gives fireflies their special glow!

by Mya Kagan (Whyzz writer)


Name that reindeer! Aside from Rudolph, do you know the names of any or all of Santa's other reindeer? If you were going to name a reindeer, what name would you chose and why? If you were going to be a reindeer, what would you want your special reindeer name to be??