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Why does gas make funny sounds?


Having gas can be uncomfortable, but sometimes it might make you chuckle, it makes so many funny sounds! Where does all of this noise come from??

The reason gas makes funny noises is because of the way it passes through your body and causes a little vibration as it leaves. Depending on what you have eaten and what is in the gas that you are passing, your body will vibrate more or less as the gas is released, meaning that different sounds will be produced!

Remember that passing gas in public is not very polite since it can be smelly and uncomfortable for the people around you. But if you excuse yourself to the bathroom, then you can release your body's gas in private and have a little laugh at the orchestra of sounds that you make!

by Mya Kagan (Whyzz writer)


Sound Off

What are some other funny or interesting sounds that you body naturally makes? Some good examples include burping, hiccups, sneezing, and snoring!Do you know what causes your body to do each of these things? Why do you think your body makes funny sounds?? What are some other natural sounds made by your body which you can think of?


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