Human Body

Why do you blink?


Even though you probably don't think about it very much, blinking is something your body is constantly doing! In fact, it's estimated that most people blink between 10 and 15 times every single minute!!

The main reason we blink is to keep our eyes feeling good. Blinking helps our fragile eyes to stay wet and moist, and keeps them clean by brushing away things like dust and dirt. Blinking is a reflex, which means we do it automatically without thinking about it. When it comes to blinking, our bodies naturally do it every few seconds, but they also naturally do it to protect your eyes if you think something like a bug is coming towards you!

by Lauren Orkus (Whyzz writer)


Wink it doesn't just rhyme with blink!

Do you know the difference between a wink and a blink? To "blink" means you close both eyes for just a very short moment. People blink a lot, usually without realizing it. A wink is quite similar to a blink, but the difference is that a wink means you close just one eye for a quick moment instead of both! Unlike blinking, which is mostly done without thinking and for no specific reason, people who wink have usually done it on purpose. People use winking a lot as a sort of "secret signal." For example, if someone knows the answer to your riddle, they might wink at you so that you can enjoy the joke together!


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