Why do people sometimes cry when they are happy?


Crying is often associated with pain (like falling down and cutting your knee) or as part of a reflex (like when dirt gets in your eyes and you tear up to wash it away). But you've probably noticed that we also cry when we have certain feelings, like sadness or even happiness.

When a person cries because of the way they're feeling, it's known as "emotional tears. Nobody knows exactly why we have emotional tears, but scientists and researchers have a few different ideas. One reason for emotional tears might be that they help us release our feelings. Another reason might be that they help others see how we feel. Emotional tears might also be a signal from our own bodies to ourselves, as a message to let us know we're feeling something really big, and we should pay attention!

No matter what the reason is for why we cry, it's definitely a natural and normal thing that everyone does!


Happy Memories

Draw a picture of yourself the last time you felt so happy that you could have (or did!) cry!

What was the occasion that made you so happy? Where were you at the time? Remember to include details in your picture about the happy expressions on your face, and the faces of the people around you too!Does it make you feel happy just to think about his happy event??


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