Human Body

Why do people have wrinkles?


Have you ever noticed lines on your grandpa or grandma's face, perhaps around their eyes or on their forehead? These are called wrinkles and don't worry, they are perfectly normal!! But how do they get there? What causes them?

Our skin is connected to the muscles underneath it. When the muscles in your face move as you smile, laugh or frown, the skin moves along with it and it creases- just like your pants when you sit down. When you are young, the skin contains a large amount of an ingredient called collagen that makes our skin stretchy-like a rubber-band! After you make an expression or movement, your skin just snaps back into place. However, as we get older our bodies produce less collagen which makes it less stretchy. It also holds less moisture and doesn't repair itself as well. The creases have a harder time snapping back into place and eventually they just stay there, creating a wrinkle!

Further Information

The collagen in our skin is also affected by the sun. Over time, the sun's rays damage the collagen and it can't repair itself as easily. When this happens, wrinkles begin to form.

One important thing you can do to prevent wrinkles and take good care of your skin is to wear sunscreen and a hat while you are outside. While wrinkles are a natural part of growing older, it's still important to protect your delicate skin from the strong sun!