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Why do men grow beards?


Do you have a dad, uncle or brother with a beard? Some men have noticeable hair on their faces as well as their heads! As a boy begins to grow into a young man, he will grow facial hair on his chin and cheeks, also known as a beard.

The growth of this hair is the result of chemicals in the body called hormones, especially testosterone.

In fact, men must shave the hair to remove it from their faces. Many men shave, but some decide to let the hair grow into a beard instead! There are many reasons why men grow beards. For example, some men simply like the way they look with a beard! They may feel it makes them look older or more distinguished, or they may feel more like themselves when they have a beard as opposed to when they don't.

Other men make the choice to grow a beard as an important part of following their religion. Some men decide to grow a beard because they don't like to shave!

Beards have taken on many different styles over time. For example, the ancient Egyptians would frizz, braid or dye their beards!

by Mya Kagan (Whyzz writer)

Further Information

Beards come in different colors and lengths! Some men grow light-colored beards while others grow dark ones. A man may even grow a beard that's a different color from the hair on his head (for example, a brown-haired man who grows a reddish-colored beard)! Some men keep their beards trimmed short while others grown them long. The next time you're out and about, take a look around you and notice the many different beards that men grow!