Human Body

Why do I get hungry?


Have you ever noticed anything about when you are hungry? Maybe you are usually hungry when you wake up in the morning, or after you've been outside running around and playing a lot. You're also probably hungry if you go a longer time than usual between eating meals.

People need to eat food because it provides energy to our bodies so we can run, play, think, learn, and more! When your body has used up the energy from the food you have eaten, it signals to you that it is ready for you to eat again! This feeling is what you know as hunger.

One of your body parts that regulates eating is the part of the brain known as the hypothalamus. In order to provide you with all of the energy you need, you should satisfy your hunger with a balanced diet that will give you as many of the important vitamins, nutrients, and minerals as possible!

(by Mya Kagan)


What are some of your favorite healthy, delicious foods for satisfying your hunger? Have a grown-up help you look up some information about a few of your favorite healthy foods, and find out what specific nutrients that food is known for! For example, is your favorite veggie high in fiber and calcium? Does your favorite fruit come pack with Vitamin C?


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