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Why do bug bites itch?


Did you know that different bugs bite in different ways? (Try saying that four times fast!)

The reason why a bug bite feels itchy often depends on what kind of bug did the biting!

In the case of some bugs (like bees, wasps, and ants), the itch usually comes from a small amount of venom that gets injected into your skin during the sting or the bite. The venom is what causes the sting or bite to itch and hurt. The good news is that even though it can be a bit painful, in most cases the discomfort usually goes away after a little while.

When it comes to other kinds of bugs, like mosquitoes, the bites are a little different because there's no venom. Did you know that female mosquitoes are the only ones who bite? It's true! The reason why girl mosquitoes bite is because they take a very tiny bit of blood from the person who they bite to use for nourishing their eggs! The itchy thing about these bites is the mosquito's saliva, which gets left behind from the bite and which makes most people itchy! Like most other bites, the good news about mosquito bites is that they usually don't cause any major problems and often start to feel better quickly!


Bite into THIS!

Does it ever feel like the only thing bugs are good for is biting you and making you itch??! Well, don't worry: there are plenty of reasons to like bugs. For example, bugs such as bees are responsible for something you probably like a whole lot -- honey! And don't forget bees also give us wax! Silkworms also make something humans tend to like a lot: that wonderfully soft silk that feels so nice to touch.What are some other helpful buggy things you can think of??