Why are there so many different Santas?


Have you ever been in a store or at a holiday party around Christmas time and seen Santa Claus? Maybe you wondered if this "Santa" was the REAL Santa, or perhaps you knew that it was just your Uncle Steve wearing a costume! So why are there so many Santas and why do people like Uncle Steve dress up this way??

Because Santa is such a magical, wonderful part of Christmas, he's a pretty popular guy! Sometimes Santa can't be everywhere at once, so he'll ask other people to help out!

If you see a Santa at the mall and you think or know that he's not the real Santa, you don't have to be scared or worried he's just there on behalf of Santa to spread more of Santa's magic and love! The same goes for a friend or relative who might dress up as Santa during the holidays. It's probably just someone helping Santa or showing admiration for this awesome guy!

by Mya Kagan (Whyzz writer)


Santa's Special Helpers

Since Santa can certainly be pretty busy around the holidays, what are some ways that you can help him out? Helping to fill the stockings in your house is one really good example!What are some other ways you can help out during the holidays? Volunteering with your family is one great way, and helping your parents around the house is another!

Further Information

Remember that even though you might realize the Santa in a shop or at a party isn't The Real Thing, some other kids around you might not know the same. Help Santa to keep the magic real, and keep this special secret to yourself! Santa Claus will always be real as long as you BELIEVE!


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