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Why are boogers salty?


If you've ever had a runny nose that trickled down your upper lip before you could wipe it away, you've probably noticed that snot is kind of salty. Where do boogers get this yucky taste??

The purpose of boogers and snot is to trap dust, dirt, and germs that might otherwise get into your body through your nose.

In order to do its job properly, snot needs to be sticky! Boogers get their stickiness from what they're made of, which is mostly water, proteins, salt, and other things that occur naturally in your body. It's your body's natural salt that gives your boogers their distinct flavor!

Remember that salty or sweet, eating boogers is not a good idea. Boogers are full of things your body is trying to keep out, so it would SNOT be healthy to try and put those things back into your body!

(by Mya Kagan)