Who invented school?


Believe it or not, but schools have been around for so long that no one knows who invented them! Records show that schools were around during the ancient cultures of places like Egypt, China, Greece, India, and more. Of course, schools were not always the same as they are now.

Although most kids in countries like the United States now go to school for eight or nine months of the year and attend classes with kids their same age, this was not always the case!

For example, in the early days of schools in the U.S., many schools used to have just one classroom (the "one-room schoolhouse") where kids of all ages and levels had to learn together. Often, kids were needed at home to help with farming or other work and would only attend school for a few months of the year. Kids who were able to attend school full-time usually came from wealthier families or families who could afford to let their children study instead of work. With advancements in education and greater importance placed on learning, schools eventually became further-reaching in many places in the world. Instead of learning just reading, writing, and basic math, most students now study sciences, history, art, and more! Schools are more readily available thanks to government funding through taxes, and education is seen as a crucial step towards success and progress!


School Daze

Although lots of places around the world now have good access to education, there are still places where school is not available to all kids. It can be easy to think that school is annoying or to feel like you don't want to go, however, it's important to try and remember that going to school is actually privilege!Try to imagine what it would be like to live in a place where schooling was not available to you. If you weren't able to go to school, why do you think you might want to? Why do you think it's important to do you best to always be thankful for your education??