Where does Santa Claus come from?


Santa Claus... what a wonderful guy! Have you ever wondered where this magical, mysterious figure comes from, and why he's sometimes referred to as "Saint Nicholas"?

The jolliness and generosity of Santa Claus was inspired by a man named Saint Nicholas, who lived about 1,700 years ago.

Saint Nicholas was known for performing miracles (particularly for children) and giving unexpected gifts to those in need. In fact, it was Saint Nicholas who first dropped gold coins into stockings, which later became the tradition of filling stockings with gifts on Christmas!

Today, many people believe that Santa Claus is the spirit of Saint Nicholas, whose kindness and good deeds still live on!


Good Deeds!

This year during the holidays, take some inspiration from Old Saint Nick and do some good deeds of your own! What are some ways you can think of to give back at the holidays? Donating toys to those in need or helping to prepare a holiday meal at a food bank are great ways to give back!Find out about how you can give back in your community!

Further Information

Traditionally, December 6th is known as "Saint Nicholas's Day," a day to remember and celebrate the generosity of Old Saint Nicholas. In lots of families St. Nicholas's Day has become incorporated into Christmas, but in other families it still remains a holiday of its own, where children leave their shoes out overnight for St. Nick to fill with a few small goodies!