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Where does gold come from?


For thousands and thousands of years, people have regarded gold as something of great worth and value. Gold is useful because it's not only pretty, but also easy to mold into shapes. Gold also lasts for a very long time, so it's considered to be very valuable!

Gold is a mineral that comes from within the Earth. Most gold today is extracted using special methods of mining (digging), but in the past, lots of gold was found by panning in a stream! Gold is found more commonly in some places than others. Today, about two-thirds of the world's gold comes from South Africa!

Gold is also a chemical element. Chemical elements are like the ingredients for everything that exists! So far, scientists have over 100 of them, of which about 90 (including gold!) occur naturally!

by Brian Griffin (Whyzz writer)


A gold medal!

Besides jewelry, what are some things gold is used for that you know of? Since it's such a useful substance, gold is used to help make all kinds of things!The gold color is also often used on things that are not necessarily made from gold. Why do you think this is an appealing color? Why do you think that medals and trophies are often made of gold or given a golden color? What does gold seem to symbolize??


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