What were dinosaurs' teeth like?


There were many different types of dinosaurs, and they had many different types of teeth. The type of teeth depended on what type of food the dinosaurs were eating.

Some plant-eaters, like apatosaurs, had teeth shaped like the teeth of a garden rake! They used these to strip leaves off of tall trees' branches.

Meat-eaters, like the t-rex had long and curved knife-like teeth that could be used to bite and shred meat. Spinosaurs, another group of big-meat eaters, had sharp cone-shaped teeth like crocodiles that were also good for biting and shredding meat. Triceratops also had a lot of sharp teeth, but it used them for slicing through plants!

by Mya Kagan (Whyzz writer)


Tooth Types

Think about the teeth that you have in your mouth. Are they all the same shape? Do we use differently shaped teeth for different reasons? Think about which teeth you use to bite into something. Which teeth in your mouth actually do the chewing? Are they the same teeth or different? How does having different types of teeth help us eat different types of food?


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