What should I do if someone offers me alcohol?


If someone offers you a drink, there are several things you can do:

You can let the person know you are not interested by simply walking away.

Or you can say NO THANKS in one of many ways.

Here is how other kids have said "no" to alcohol: "Forget it!", "I don't like it. Can I have a soda?", "No way. I'm only 7" (or whatever age you are), "I'm not into drinking. "I said NO!"

The next thing you need to do is find a grown-up, preferably a parent or other trusted adult, and tell them what happened. They will decide what to do about the situation.

One thing that is NOT EVER a good idea is to accept the alcohol. Drinking is not safe for kids.

by Dr. Dawn Taylor


Suppose someone offered you an alcoholic drink. What would you do? Maybe you have already tried alcohol. Maybe you didn't even know what it was when you tried it. Talk to your parents about the experience. Don't worry about upsetting them. They can handle it and will be glad you talked to them!