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What should I do if I see other kids drinking?


You may have been at grown-up parties or picnics with your family where alcohol is available. Adults may leave glasses of wine or beer sitting around that kids may be tempted to try. They may be curious about what alcohol tastes like. They may wonder what the big deal is about alcohol. They may even think it would be funny to try it. In a situation like this, grown-ups may not realize that kids are drinking. They may not notice if a glass of wine or a bottle of beer is missing. If you see other kids drinking, you need to talk to a parent or other trusted adult. They will know what to do.

by Dr. Dawn Taylor, PhD.


Suppose you and your family are planning to have a party at your house. What could you do to help make sure alcohol isn't available to kids? Little kids, even babies, may not think twice about helping themselves to a drink even if they don't know what it is. What would you do if you saw your little sister or another young child about to take a drink from someone's wine glass?