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What is the smallest animal?


Talking about the smallest animal can be tricky because there are some things living on Earth that are too small for you to even see! However, it's much easier to name the smallest mammal: The answer is the Bumble-Bee Bat from Thailand! (Also sometimes known as the Hog-Nosed Bat.)

A tiny little Bumble-Bee Bat is only about an inch long in size and weighs less than an ounce. (It's smaller than some bugs!)

Not far behind the Bumble-Bee Bat is another tiny critter: The Pygmy Shrew! Pygmy Shrews tend to be a little bit longer in size than Bumble-Bee Bats, but they weigh less, which in some ways makes them equally worthy of the title for "smallest"!


Small but not forgotten!

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to be smaller than you are?? Maybe the size of a dog, or a bunny, or even an ant! How would things look if you were that small? What things would you have to do differently? Draw a picture of yourself doing something you do every day, like eating breakfast or playing outside, when you're the size of a kitten or a caterpillar! How big are the trees outside? Is your cereal big enough to use as a surfboard? Get creative!


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