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What is poop made out of?


When you go to the bathroom, your body is naturally getting rid of things it no longer needs. Even if you eat the very healthiest of diets, your body will still naturally get rid of some of what you have eaten. Even though it might not seem like it, more than half of your poop is actually made up of water! The rest of it is a mixture a good portion of it is bacteria as well as parts of your food that can't be digested, and fats or cholesterol that your body is discarding.

Remember that just because your body gets rid of part of what you eat doesn't mean you might not have needed it in the first place. While your body digests your food, it takes out important vitamins, proteins, and nutrients that you need for health, growing, playing, learning, and more. It's just all the rest of the stuff that turns into poop!


Name it!

Because poop can be a little embarrassing or funny to talk about, many people call it by different names to make the conversation easier! What are some of the silliest or funniest nicknames you've heard? "Poop," "poo," and "number two" are all good examples! Is there a special name used around your house? Why do you think that funny name works so well?

Further Information

Most importantly, remember that even though your poop is mostly made up of things you have eaten, that doesn't mean that poop itself is edible! Your body poops because it wants to get rid of things, so it would never be a good idea to put those same things back in your body. Poop is filled with bacteria and germs which could make you sick. Remember to always wash your hands as soon as you're done with the toilet!


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