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What is pollution?


Keeping the environment clean is very important plants, animals, and people all rely on having a clean world to live in!

Pollution refers to harmful substances that contaminate the environment. Usually pollution is described as affecting the land, the water, or the air, but because the different systems of our planet are all connected, if one aspect of the environment becomes polluted, it affects the others too.

There are lots of different types of pollution. For example, land pollution might include litter (trash that's not disposed of properly which harms natural habitats). Water pollution can include chemicals dumped into oceans or streams by factories, or runoff that flows from the land into rivers and oceans that has been contaminated by chemicals like fertilizers on the ground. Air pollution includes smoke from factories and emissions from cars and airplanes. Even loud noises and artificial light are types of pollution these man-made disturbances can interfere with the lives of animals in the wild!

Luckily, there are lots of ways that we can help reduce and eliminate pollution. Recycling materials like glass, plastic, paper, and aluminum helps to reduce waste and prevent litter. Carpooling helps create fewer emissions from cars and turning off lights whenever you're not using them helps prevent unnecessary light pollution and saves energy. GO GREEN!