Religion and Beliefs

What is faith?


Have you ever believed in something without having proof? For example, when your good friend tells you that he or she will cheer you on at your soccer game, how do you know your friend will follow through with the promise? Perhaps you have faith in your friend.

Faith is a belief or trust in something. When you have faith, you believe with your mind, as well as your heart.

Perhaps you have faith that things will work out when times get tough. Maybe you have faith in the love you feel for your family members and friends, knowing that this love makes you strong. Not only do people have faith in situations or in one another, they may have faith in a higher power. For example, perhaps you go to church where you celebrate your faith in God.

There are many different world religions that involve faith in a divine power, and these religions represent a wide range of beliefs. It is important to respect the beliefs of others, and to honor the different faiths they celebrate.

(by Mya Kagan)


Are there people, ideas or entities that you trust and believe in? For example, do you have faith in your parents, grandparents, siblings or friends? Perhaps you have faith in your doctor, trusting that he or she will help you to feel better when you are feeling sick. Do you have faith in your school, or in the power of positive thinking? Now think of the people who have faith in you. What are some ways you can honor the trust that others have in your kindness? For example, being a good listener and respecting the people around you are ways to show that you are there for those you care about!