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What is fairness?


You probably already know a little about fairness when something is fair and when it's not. It's important to learn about fairness and how to be fair because it comes up in lots of different ways!

One example would be fairness while playing a game. It's fair when everyone plays by the rules of the game. It's unfair when someone cheats. When that person breaks the rules, it gives them an advantage over the other players. If a rule-breaker wins, it's not a fair win. Everyone should have an equal chance!

Another example of fairness would be treating all people the same way. Don't you think it would be unfair if someone said that only tall kids were allowed to have recess? Of course it would!

Being fair means giving all people equal respect, and always treating other people the same way you'd want to be treated yourself! Fairness isn't something that changes whether a person is a boy or a girl, a new kid or an old friend, an artist or a sports fanatic fairness means treating everyone the same way!

by Mya Kagan (Whyzz writer)


Try to think of examples of things that wouldn't be fair. Have you ever not had a cookie at snack time because someone else took two? That probably wasn't fair! It would also be unfair to exclude another kid from your lunch table because of the outfit they're wearing or the foods they like to eat. What are some other examples of fairness that you can think of?

Further Information

Learn a new word! Another term for the fairness that we give to other people is tolerance.


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