What is dignity?

Dignity means being respected for who you are and what you believe in.

That's something that can be done in both big and little ways. Saying please or lending a helping hand are ways of showing dignity. Sharing your toys with others or making a donation to a food bank are ways of showing dignity. Being kind to others no matter who they are, what they look like, where they come from is a way to show dignity.

Young people, old people, poor people, rich people, people living here and all around the world, one thing we have in common is the right to live a dignified life.

Not everyone knows how to show dignity. Has someone ever laughed at you because of the way you look? Has someone ever teased you or ignored you because of something you said or did? That probably didn't make you feel very good. Treating other people with dignity means we are treating them the way we'd like to be treated ourselves. When we respect others and encourage them to lead happy, fulfilling lives, we are showing dignity!

by Mya Kagan (Whyzz writer)


Tell your own personal dignity story! It could be a story about something you did that you are proud of. For example, maybe you helped an elderly lady to carry her heavy grocery bags! Or maybe you stood up for a girl who got teased and invited her to play with you and your friends!Your dignity story can also be about something you are not proud of and how you wished you had handled the situation. For example, maybe you told a boy at school that he couldn't sit at your lunch table because some of the other kids didn't want him there, or maybe you got upset when your mom donated your old toys even though you no longer played with them. Think about how you could show more dignity in the same situation next time!

Further Information

Only with dignity are people able to achieve things like being good in school, finding friends, leading a happy life, and maybe even making a difference in the world!