Fairy Tales

What is a unicorn?


There's just something magical about unicorns! Maybe it's the artwork and movies in which they're shown as majestic and mysterious, or maybe it's the stories of both their wildness and their kindness.

Unicorns often appear as horse-like creatures with horns pointing from their foreheads. Early art featured unicorns with the head and body of a horse, the tail of a lion and the legs of a deer! Unicorns can be found in artwork both old and new (such as woven tapestry art from Europe during a period of time known as the Middle Ages), and in stories called myths from countries like China and India.

There are people who believe unicorns are real, while others say they're make-believe. In the past, some even thought that items made from the horn of a unicorn could be used to heal or protect! No matter what you believe, perhaps you will agree that unicorns are beautiful, interesting additions to the stories and pictures we create!


Can you draw a unicorn? With a few simple shapes, you'll be on your way! Start with a sideways oval for the body. Attach a tall, skinny oval for the neck, and another sideways oval or a triangle for the head, this time smaller. Draw four lines for the legs and squiggles for hair (both the mane and the tail)! Now draw a horn coming from the unicorn's forehead. Color your unicorn any way you like, rainbow hair wouldn't be unheard of! A little glitter will really make the horn shine. Last but not least, does your unicorn have a name?