What is a habit?

A habit is a repeating pattern of behavior, which is something people do over and over again. Most times, people are not even aware of their habits.

People usually form habits during childhood, sometimes by watching friends or adults do certain things. For example, if your mom and dad like to play sports and go on outdoor adventures, you will probably form a habit of doing the same activities. But if your friends like to watch TV and play video games while eating junk food all day, you may form a bad habit of being lazy and eating unhealthy. The habits people form early on can affect their health and lifestyles many years later.

Habits may also develop because a person is bored or stressed. Some common habits in children include nail biting or hair twirling, which may be a way of responding to stressful experience. Many adults have habits to reduce stress, too. Healthy ones include working out at the gym or listening to calming music.

Do you know someone with a habit, or do you have a habit yourself? Talk to an adult about ways to make the habit a healthy one!