What is a fairy?

Fairies are mythical creatures that often appear in stories.

Fairies are usually small and look a lot like humans, and are often said to have magical powers! Some fairies have wings or magical wands, too. Fairies in stories often interact with people. Lots of fairies are mischievous, even though they're usually trying to do something helpful or nice.

Stories with fairies in them have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years in cultures all over the world! Lots of people are drawn to the idea of fairies because they seem so magical, playful, pretty, and fun!

by Lauren Orkus (Whyzz writer)


If you were a fairy, what would you want your fairy-name to be? Think about something that would describe how you looked as a fairy or what your fairy-personality was like. For example, you could call yourself Sparkle Wings, Dainty Dana, or Whimsical Winnie! Draw a picture of how you would look if you were a fairy. What color are you clothes? Do you have wings, or carry a wand??