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What is a cobweb?


Spiders spin amazing webs of silk threads, creating designs in nooks and crannies. Do these webs stay in place forever? No! Over time, the threads may break, especially if forces like the wind disrupt their structure. When a spider web becomes tangled and covered with dirt and dust, we call it a cobweb!

However, people also use the word "cobweb" to describe a spider web with a more haphazard design (rather than the round, geometric webs spun by spiders such as orb weavers). In fact, spiders that weave irregular webs are called cobweb spiders! Whether they are newly spun or old and covered with dust, cobwebs inspire many a Halloween decoration! Do you think cobwebs look spooky?...

Further Information

In addition to using silk threads to build a web, cobweb spiders (like many spiders) wrap their eggs in a sac made of silk. This silk is made by glands in the spider's abdomen!