What is a civilization?


Have you ever learned about a group of people who came together to live and work? A group like this shares lots of things, like ideas, celebrations and even inventions! But when does this group go from being a collection of people who share a space to a true civilization?

For one thing, members of a civilization often form a city or a town. Instead of needing to move from place to place in search of plants and animals to eat, they may settle in one area because they've learned to grow their own food. Becoming a civilization involves making advances, and this is one indication that a people is on its way! Members of a civilization may also make other important breakthroughs, such as inventing tools, developing a system of writing, choosing leaders and forming a government. It is fun and fascinating to learn about civilizations of the past and their many accomplishments!

Further Information

Some important civilizations of the past include the Indus Valley Civilization of Asia, the Shang Dynasty of China, the Olmecs of Central America, the Aztecs and Mayans and of course, the Greeks and the Romans. When we study different civilizations, we discover how people come together to survive and thrive!


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