Religion and Beliefs

What is a Christian?


All over the world, people observe different religions. The largest one is the Christian religion, which more than two billion people practice.

A Christian is a religious person who believes Jesus is the one and only Christ and the son of God. So, Christians follow the teachings of Jesus and his followers, who teach them important lessons through stories in the Bible, which is the religious text for Christians.

Christianity, which is the name for the religion itself, is thousands of years old. Some of the oldest Christian ceremonies are still practiced today. Baptism and communion are considered sacred rituals because Jesus created them and they are still practiced today. Most Christians also gather for a weekly Sunday service that is held in a church. Other important holidays that Christians celebrate are Christmas, which marks the birth of Jesus, and Easter, which is the day that Jesus rose from the dead.


Interesting Fact:

The name "Christian" comes from the early followers of Jesus. These followers were called Christians, which means "little Christs."

Further Information

Christians share a similar religious history with people who are Jewish. Both Christians and Jewish people follow the Bible as their holy script. The difference is Christians believe Jesus was the living version of God while Jewish people believe Jesus was just a good teacher and follower of God. Also, Jewish people worship god in a temple, not a church.

Another major world religion is Islam, and the people who practice this identify as Muslim. Like Christians and Jewish people, Muslims also believe in one god, who they call "Allah." However, Muslims believe Muhammed, not Jesus, was the person who guided other humans to follow the word of Allah, which is written the Islamic scared text called the Qur'an. Today, Muslims gather in the mosque every Friday to worship Allah.