What does a lawyer do?


A lawyer is a person who has studied thmpe law and is an expert in the way their country's rules and government work. A lawyer's job is to give people advice about the law and how it works, since the law can be very complicated!

There are different types of law that lawyers can practice, such as environmental law, tax law, or criminal law. Exactly what a lawyer does can vary between specialties and between the policies of different countries.

Many lawyers spend their time meeting with clients, preparing legal documents (like wills, contracts, and leases), and attending trials. At a trial, the lawyer represents his or her client and either defends the client against charges, or prosecutes (brings charges against) the accused. More than anything else, lawyers usually spend a lot of their time doing research! Because the law is constantly changing, lawyers must spend time staying up-to-date on information to give their clients the best advice possible!


Lawyers and doctors and teachers, oh my!Before someone can be a lawyer, he or she has to go to school to study and learn everything they will need to know!Why do you think it's important for someone with this job to learn and go to school first? Do you think it would be okay for someone who hasn't studied the law to give advice about it?What are some other jobs which require special knowledge? Doctors are one really good example, and so are teachers! Are there other jobs you can think of where people need to learn special skills? Astronauts, farmers, and people who fix computers all probably need to be educated about their profession before they can do their jobs!Do you know yet what you want to be when you grow up??

Further Information

To become a lawyer requires many years of school. In the U.S., lawyers must receive a special degree called a Doctor of Jurisprudence and then must take a special test known as "the bar" to receive their license.


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