Small Animals

What do owls eat?


Owls are nocturnal birds, they hunt for their food at night. What do these birds of prey eat? Many different types of creatures!

For example, owls may eat animals such as crabs and fish. Not to mention, they enjoy gobbling reptiles (like lizards), amphibians (like frogs), insects, other birds, and small mammals, such as mice!

In fact, rodents are the most common type of creatures eaten by owls. Some large owls eat animals that are bigger in size, such as young foxes! How do owls sneak up on their prey? They are clever hunters! Owls have great eyesight and hearing, and their special feathers quiet the sound of their flying wings, making it easy for them to surprise their next meal.

Further Information

One way people have learned about the diet of owls is by dissecting owl pellets. An owl pellet is made of the parts of animals that owls cannot digest after they eat their prey, which they swallow whole. These clumps of feathers, fur and bones, teeth and shells are regurgitated, or spit up, by the owl. While they are not useful to owls, pellets have helped people to understand exactly what makes a tasty owl meal!