What are enemies?


Enemies aren't very good things to have. An enemy is someone or something that tries to harm or defeat someone or something. In movies, the bad is the enemy to the good guy.

If you think about a goldfish in a bowl and a hungry cat, the cat is the goldfish's enemy. The cat just wants some food, and probably doesn't know that eating the fish will make anyone upset. It's not necessarily being mean or evil, but it is still an enemy to the goldfish.

Just because someone isn't your friend, doesn't mean they're your enemy. People can have different ideas and opinions than you, but as long as they're not trying to stop you from having your own ideas or opinions, they're not an enemy.

Sometimes, like in times of war, it can be difficult not to have enemies, but if there is any way to avoid it, you should always try. Always talk to a grown-up you trust if you think you have an enemy.

(by Allie Rodenhauser)


Animals Avoid Conflict

People are lucky. Almost always, we can talk through any of our differences and usually find a way to get along. Animals aren't so lucky, but they've come up with their own ways of dealing with enemies.

A lot of animals just hide! Chameleons are famous for being able to blend into their surroundings by using camouflage. They change colors so their enemies can't find them and eat them. This is the best way for them to avoid fighting.

Plants also have enemies! Roses avoid their enemies by growing sharp thorns to scare away animals that might want to eat them.

Think about the animals and plants around your home. How do they deal with their enemies? How do they stay safe?

People need to feel safe too! If you ever do not feel safe, the best thing to do always is talk to a grown-up you trust.