Put out your boots on the night of December 6th for St. Nicholas!

The night of December 5th children in Germany clean their boots and leave them in front of their door with the hopes that they will be filled with sweets and gifts.

Because December 6th is the day people celebrate St. Nicholas, a bishop from Myra (now Anatolia in Turkey) who lived many centuries ago. He was a very generous and kind man that did many good deeds and who would secretly give small gifts or coins to children.


Did you know that Santa Claus was inspired by St. Nicholas and his generosity and kindness toward children? The tradition of hanging up stockings is also believed to have come from celebrating St. Nicholas day.

Join in the tradition!

Polish your shoes and put them out on December 5th before you go to bed. Maybe they will be filled by St. Nicholas. Be aware, it only works if you have been kind and respectful all year!