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Sikhs never cut their hair to show respect to their god.

Did you know that people of some cultures and religions dress or look a certain way, in order to show their respect for God?

Sikhism believes in one God and was founded by a holy man called Guru Nanak during the sixteenth century, in the old Indian and Pakistani Province of Punjab. Though most of the world’s 20 million Sikhs still live in this same part of the world, many thousands are also from the US, the UK and right across the world.

Sikh people believe that to show respect to God, it’s important to stay as close as possible to their own natural appearance and this includes not cutting their hair.

Sikh men usually wind their long hair up on top of their head and wear a turban, whilst ladies wear a head scarf. This practice is called Kes and Keski and as one of The Five Ks, is a very important part of the Sikh religion.

What are The Five Ks?

Sikhs wear five items, known as The Five Ks in order to show everyone they are Sikh:
1)    Kachhera — a type of loose undergarment;
2)    Kanga — a wooden comb;
3)    Kara — an iron or steel bangle worn around the wrist;
4)    Kes/Keski — uncut hair and turban;
5)    Kirpan — a ceremonial dagger.

What do Sikhs believe?

Sikhs attend a religious service on Sundays, in a holy building called a Gurdwara and everyone is welcome! At the end of worship, everyone shares a special meal together. Sikhs believe in remembering God daily, working hard and doing kind deeds for others, as well as living an honest life that is respectful of all people.

By Deborah L. Caine (Whyzz writer)