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Our favorite kids quotes!

"What is that hooker for?" (A., 3 years, holding a hanger).
"Can I eat that plumber?" (T., 6 years, with a plum).
"I need a lot of space. I have a big butt. Not as big as yours mommy but medium." (S. 4 years, sitting on the kitchen counter).
"I really want to do one day that big light up thing in the clouds. When all the colors light up the sky and then it makes boom." (S., 4 years, excited about fireworks).
"Is today next week?" (L. 5 years old).
"My teeth get bored. I need some gum." (M., 6 years old).
"Are bad guys always men?" (M. 4 years old).
"You are a mommy, you have to be nice." (T. 3 years old).
"I will never be a grandma. I will be a dolphin when I grow up." (A. 3 years old).
"Your boobies were under the bed." (I. 3 years old, pulling bra up from under the bed).
"I thought bad guys and dinosaurs died?" (M. 4 years old).
"On my birthday I will be threeandahalf. You cant' be 4 if you haven't been 3.5." (A., officially 4 years old)
"It was the dinosaurs who found this country. Long before this other guy - what was his name again - uuhhmm yes long before Columbus came around." (C. 5 years old)
"Ava is my girlfriend. What is a girlfriend again?" (L. 3 years old).
"Mom you went through the whole boyfriend thing and how to get one." (C. 6 years old, having a crush on a classmate)
"Love is when two people make love". (A. 4 years old)
"We need a head because otherwise our nose and ears wouldn't have a place to sit." (K. 3 years old).
"My friend was a little mean to me today and so I was upset. All day I tried to get the upset out of my body but it didn't work." (C. 5 years old)
"If I were president I would eat ice cream." (P. 4 years old.)