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Is today already tomorrow?


Time can be a little tricky to understand. In order to talk about it more easily, people assign words, names, and numbers to describe things such as "days," "months," or "hours."

Luckily, some of them are pretty simple and easy to understand. For example, a "day" is basically just the time from when the sun comes up in the morning to when it sets in the evening! When a person refers to "today," it means the day that you are in. Today doesn't end until the sun sets and you go to bed.

The word "tomorrow" refers to something different "tomorrow" is always the day that is directly ahead of you. So "today" can never be "tomorrow," because tomorrow will always be one day ahead of today! Tomorrow arrives as soon as you wake up in a new day, but once that happens, it becomes today! The new tomorrow will be the next day after that!!

(by Mya Kagan)


If tomorrow is a day when something very special will happen, like your birthday, and you just can't wait for tomorrow to arrive try the following: think about all the things you will do and how they will make you feel. Who will share that day with you? How can you keep the memory? Why is the day so special? And remember if you wish for tomorrow to come more quickly, it might be over way too soon. Enjoy being excited for a little bit longer.