Is the tooth fairy real?


People all over the world believe in lots of different things for lots of different reasons. A person can have beliefs about all kind of things, from what religion they want to follow, to their favorite kind of ice cream, to whether or not a funny monster named Steve lives in the refrigerator!

Lots of people -- especially kids -- believe in a magical friend called the Tooth Fairy, who visits kids at night after one of their baby teeth fall out. The Tooth Fairy is known to leave some coins or a few dollars under your pillow in exchange for the tooth that has been lost!

Sometimes, you might hear other kids saying that the Tooth Fairy isn't real. But just because the tooth fairy might not be real for them doesn't mean the Tooth Fairy isn't real for you! The Tooth Fairy is real for any kids (or grown-ups!) who believe that she exists -- everyone is entitled to decide for themselves!...What do you believe??

by Mya Kagan (Whyzz writer)


Tooth traditions!

People have lots of different ideas about the magical Tooth Fairy! Some people like to leave their teeth for her under their pillows, while others leave the tooth in a glass of water next to the bed. (So that it's easier for her to find!) Make a special pillow or decorate a new jar to have a cool place to leave your teeth for the Tooth Fairy when she comes! Use drawings of baby teeth or maybe pictures of what you think the Tooth Fairy looks like when you decorate your new pillow or jar. You can even write a special message on your tooth-holder, like "Ella's Baby Teeth" or "Just For You, Tooth Fairy"!


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