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How does water come out of the faucet?


Having water come out the taps of your sink, bathtub, washing machine, or dishwasher is thanks to two systems of pipes that bring clean water into your home and take dirty water away! Sometimes you can see some of these pipes if you look under your sink or in the basement.

Depending on where you live, the clean water comes from a fresh source like underground water (a well) or surface water (rivers, lakes, ponds). Water appears when you turn the faucet's knob because the water in the pipes in under pressure, and opening the faucet with the knob releases it! The water can come out as either hot or cold because some of it passes through your home's water heater, a device that warms it up. The fixture (such as a sink) that brings in the clean water through the freshwater part of the plumbing system is also linked to the wastewater part of the plumbing system, which then takes the dirty water away. These two plumbing systems work together to keep your water supply clean, fresh, and available when you need it!

by Brian Griffin (Whyzz writer)


Pipe dreams!

By collecting empty paper towel, toilet paper, and wrapping paper rolls for a week or two, you can make your very own system of pipes!Use the different sized paper tubes you've collected and some tape to create your very own make-believe pipe system! Find a bucket or a bowl to use as your "sink" or "bathtub" and make some pipes that lead to it or from it! Remember not to put water into your paper pipes because the paper will just get wet and soggy, but maybe you can have a flow of marbles or pennies come through your pipes instead!

Further Information

Remember that even though water comes out of the faucet every time we turn the tap, water is a precious and limited natural resource! It's important to always do your best to conserve and save water.


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