How does Santa deliver presents to homes without chimneys?


Many kids all over the world live in homes that don't have chimneys, like in places where the weather is warm all year or in homes that are in apartment buildings where there would be no space for so many chimneys!

But have no fear on Christmas people have been living in homes without chimneys for many, many years and Santa figured out his way around this one a long time ago!

From his flying reindeer to his helpful elves, Santa has already shown himself to be a pretty magical guy, and it's once again with his wondrous ways that he gets into chimney-less homes! Nobody knows the exact secret trick, but there are a few good ideas! Some say he has a magical key that opens doors so he can get in, while others say he has special ways of sneaking through the heating system! Some also say that he makes a chimney appear and then disappear just so that he can get in and out of the house! What other kinds of awesome, magical ideas can you think of??

by Mya Kagan (Whyzz writer)


Christmas around the world! Did you ever celebrate Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere, where it's warm and summery during Christmas?? What do you think would be different about Christmas in a warm place like Australia? Would you find it weird to spend Christmas on the beach in your bathing suit instead of wearing mittens and building snowmen? If you live in a warm place, what are some of your favorite parts about having Christmas when it's not cold??