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How do you say Hello in different languages?


Have you ever learned about how many languages there are in the world? It's estimated that the number is about 6,000!

Just think about how many different ways that means there are to say "hello"!! Here is a list of 25 different "hello's" (in alphabetical order) to get you started!

  • Afrikaans: Goeie more
  • Arabic: Al salaam a'alaykum
  • Cantonese: Nei ho
  • Cherokee: O'siyo
  • Danish: GoddagDutch: Hallo
  • French: BonjourGerman: Guten tagGreek: Kalimera
  • Hawaiian: Aloha
  • Hebrew: Shalom
  • Hindi: Namaste
  • Italian: Buon giorno
  • Japanese: Konnichiwa
  • Korean: Ahnyong
  • Mandarin: Ni hao
  • Mayan: Ba'ax ka wa'alik
  • Portuguese: Ola
  • Russian: Privet
  • Samoan: Talofa
  • Spanish: Hola
  • Swahili: Jambo
  • Turkish: Merhaba
  • Vietnamese: Chao
  • Welsh: Bore da
  • Zulu: Sawubona
"Hello" isn't just what people say when they answer the phone it's also a friendly way to connect with another person and a polite greeting. How many times in a single day do you say "hello"? Think about how many times that means it's being said all around the world!


Have a grown-up help you look on a map for the countries where all of the above languages are spoken! Do you notice any similarities between the ways that people say "hello" in certain regions, or do they all seem pretty different? Are there any other languages in which you know how to say "hello"??