How do Santa's reindeer fly?


Lots of people believe that Santa Claus gets around to the homes of so many children all in one night thanks to his sled pulled by a group of magical, flying reindeer!

But since reindeer don't have wings and aren't normally known for flying, what makes Santa's reindeer different?

No one knows exactly how Santa's reindeer accomplish their amazing Flying Feat, but the world is full of things that are remarkable! Some people believe the reindeer eat a special blend of grains that give them flying-power, or that Santa has magical carrots that he feeds to them. Others say that Santa sprinkles the reindeer with Aviation Dust that makes them able to fly. And of course, some believe that they're able to fly thanks to the simple magic of the Christmas spirit!

What other ideas about this awesome phenomenon have you heard or thought of??

by Mya Kagan (Whyzz writer)



Aside from their important job with pulling Santa's sleigh on Christmas, here are some other cool things about reindeer!

Unlike other deer, both male and female reindeer have antlers! Reindeer can pull up to twice their own weight! (Can you imagine pulling something twice as heavy as you are??) Even under three feet of snow, reindeer can still sniff out food!

What other neat things have you learned about reindeer?

Further Information

Remember that just because Santa's reindeer are able to magically fly on Christmas it doesn't mean that you can too! Always be safe even if you think you have some special grains or carrots at home that could help you to fly, remember that this magic only applies to Santa's reindeer and not to boys and girls!


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