How do people earn money?


Think about the items you use and enjoy each day. Food, clothes, school supplies, books and toys all cost money! The coins and bills that people use to pay for items like groceries, services like car washing, and activities like going to the movies don't just magically appear in our purses and wallets! How do people get this money?

One thing is for sure: money doesn't grow on trees! It has to be earned. Most people earn money by finding a job where they can get paid to do something they enjoy or do well. For example, a person who is good at yard work may get paid to mow lawns, and a caring person who loves learning about animals may become a veterinarian who helps pets when they get sick.

Many adults have full-time jobs and work 40 or more hours each week. There are people who work part-time so they will have some time each week to do something else important, like be a student. Many kids work in the summer or on weekends so they can have extra spending money.

However you choose to earn money now or in the future, one thing is for sure: it's great to feel proud of yourself for sharing your talents with others, doing a great job and ending up with some of your very own money to spend or save!

Further Information

If you've ever seen a child's lemonade stand on the side of the road, you know at least one way that children can earn money. There are plenty of others...

Some kids get paid to do helpful jobs for neighbors, such as raking leaves, washing cars or walking pets. Many older kids babysit. Kids of all ages can sell items at a family garage sale. What a great way to earn money while cleaning out old toys and clothes that are no longer being used!