Fast Fashion: Finding big and small solutions - A conversation with Oliver Niedermaier


There is a saying “clothes make the man”. Do you know what that means? Fashion is a way to show we belong to a certain group, or how wealthy we are, or our political opinion, or how we feel about ourselves or simply a way to seek attention.

Each culture has a different sense of fashion. But in most of them it’s about fast changing trends. Following fashion trends means people constantly buy new clothes and throw their old ones away. It also means that fashion brands produce too many clothes that often don’t get sold which they then throw away adding to the huge amount of textiles landfill.

We’ve asked Oliver Niedermaier whose company Tau is working on improving the way clothes are produced about his solutions and what all of us can do to make a difference.

Watch the interview here:

The Host

Marie is 15 years old & passionate about social justice. She has traveled to 16 countries and lived in the US, Germany and Hong Kong. She is particularly interested in solving issues around Equality and Ocean Conservation.

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