Human Body

Does the tongue have any bones in it?


Have you ever noticed, maybe while licking an ice cream cone, just how strong your tongue is? Have you wondered how many bones are in there, helping you out?

The answer is that your tongue has no bones in it, at all! The tongue is actually made up of a bunch of muscles, which help you with everything from talking to eating. Can you guess how many muscles are in your tongue? The answer at least fourteen. That might seem like a lot, but then again, think about all the funny ways you can twist and move your tongue!


Tongue talk

Think about why and how it's helpful to have a muscle-filled tongue that can move and bend and twist. For example, if the tongue weren't so flexible, would there be fewer letters and sounds you'd be able to make? Would it be more difficult to eat if your tongue were stiff and motionless?Think of some animals you've learned about who have special, unique tongues that help them with certain tasks. What makes their tongues so well-suited to their needs?


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