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Does any animal eat bees or wasps?


Bees and wasps both have stingers, which are excellent for fighting off or scaring away any animal that might want to eat them. Still, lots of animals try. If they're quick enough, they can eat one of these stinging insects before they have a chance to sting.

Skunks, frogs, spiders, cats, dogs, dragonflies and birds are just some of the animals on a long list of creatures that will dare to eat a bee or a wasp. There is even a species of birds called "Bee-eaters"!

Bears can accidentally eat bees while trying to eat their honey. Luckily bears have thick fur that can block a lot of the stings.

Some animals can be stung inside their mouths, but a lot of times they won't mind because they're happy to be eating! Sometimes though, our pets might have allergies to stings, just like how people can be allergic to stings. These allergies can be dangerous to our pets, so try not to let your cat or dog eat a bee or wasp. They'll be happy enough with their regular food.

(by Alli Rodenhauser)


Tasty, delicious,

Ever thought eating a bug could be tasty? They're not very common on American menus, but in many parts of the world, bugs make a tasty snack!

In Thailand, people eat insects like grasshoppers and water bugs. Grasshoppers are common food in Uganda too. In China, some people even eat baby bees! (They don't have their stingers yet.)

Bugs tend to be really healthy too! So let's hope that your parents are as grossed out as you are, otherwise, you might have a hearty grasshopper dinner in your future!