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Do bugs have ears?


Sound is nothing more than vibrations traveling through the air. For an insect, this can mean anything from a mate nearby, to an enemy like a bat (or a bigger bug!) on the hunt. Since insects do not communicate using words or languages like we do, their methods of "hearing" involve using parts of their body, such as their wings, antennae, or special hairs, like TV antennae to "listen" to these vibrations! However, some insects do have "ears" (that is, orifices in their body specifically for picking up sound vibrations), though they're not like the kind we have! Depending on the insect, they can be located on their legs, their middles, even their rear ends! Some types of beetles' "ears" are also hidden below their wings, which means they can only "hear" when they are flying "" the easiest time for an enemy to sneak up on them.

(By Mya Kagan)


Listen up!You may use words to communicate, but that's not our only way of connecting! Have you ever tried to "speak" to somebody who was hard of hearing? How about somebody who spoke another language completely? You might use facial expressions, hand gestures...even sign language, if you know it! Without using words, try to communicate being happy! Sad? Angry? How about hungry?!