Big Animals

Do anteaters really eat ants?

Unlike other butterflies and ladybugs, whose silly names that don't have anything to do with what they are, the anteater is actually an animal who eats ants!

Of course, ants aren't the singular food of most anteaters generally anteaters eat other kinds of bugs too, such as termites.

Aside from thinking they're delicious, anteaters have a good reason for eating ants and other critters: With their long tongues (up to two feet big in Giant Anteaters!) and their gooey saliva, anteaters are made for tearing into nests or mounds with their claws and then slurping up all of the bugs they can find!

In just one day, an anteater can eat many thousands of ants or termites! (WHOA!) And since anteaters like eating ants and termite so much, they're careful not to destroy a nest when they eat from it. That way, they can come back and it from it again another time!

by Mya Kagan (Whyzz writer)


Aunt Anteater

Make up a story about an Anteater who is an Aunt! Think about some funny or challenging things the Aunt Anteater might need to overcome or try to do during your story.Is Aunt Anteater confused by her name? Or maybe Aunt Anteater is known by all of her nieces and nephews for making really good pizza, even though she's supposed to like eating ants!

Further Information

Ants and other bugs make a pretty nice meal for anteaters, but remember not to try them on your own. An anteater is made for munching on these little bugs, so you should leave it to the professionals who are already good at eating this special snack without getting bug bites!